January 8, 2015

Happy New Year to all of you Dane Clark Band fans! Much good news to impart to you all as the snowy season begins. All of the Dane Clark album projects; “Dane Clark” (1st album), “Sad Goodbye To Mr. Sunshine”, “No Apologies”,” Postcards From The Hard Road” and the brand new release “Wide Open Heart” are available worldwide on CD Baby, iTunes and virtually every other internet music outlet. If there are any of these projects you don’t own, download them today!

Also, the music video for “Yesterday’s Man” is finally finished. Make sure to check it out on the Video page. Special thanks to Samantha George for seeing this through.

We are currently booking festivals and shows for 2015, so stay tuned for upcoming shows. Right now I am with the other Mellencampers rehearsing for the “Plain Spoken” tour of 2015. Hope to see all of you at one of those shows sometime this summer.

As of this posting there are 2 albums worth of Dane Clark recordings in progress. One is a kind of psychedelic album featuring a duet with my good friend, the legendary Donovan, as well as a tune featuring the guys from Moby Grape. Really cool and unique stuff.

The other batch of songs I’ve written with Nashville songwriters like the legendary Fred Koller (of ‘Angel Eyes’ fame) and the fantastic Antoinette Oleson. These are more in line with the Americana leanings of the last couple of projects. Going to try to finish both up this year.

Keep watching for those shows that will be popping up throughout the year. We are all looking forward to seeing you!!

                             Dane Clark, January 2015

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