April 20, 2016

Happy spring/summer to all you Dane Clark Band fans out there. Just finishing up the spring leg of the John Mellencamp “Plain Spoken” tour and ready to focus on my own projects. I hope everyone is having a great 2016! The Dane Clark Band is rehearsed and ready to bring our new show to your hometown. We are happy to be playing Hoosier Park for the first time in a few years, and have the one and only “Abigail Rose” as our opening act. Check out her webpage at abigailroseclark.com.

I’ve been busy constructing “Dungeon Studios” for the past few months where we will be recording and mixing all of our future projects. It’s been a dream of mine for many years and finally coming to fruition.

Abigail’s record is a few overdubs and a mix away from completion. A very eclectic set of songs featuring originals cowritten by myself, Abigail, Antoinette Oleson, Melissa Jay and Fred Koller. Covers include songs by Elliott Murphy, Roger McGuinn, Ray Davies, John Sebastian and Carlene Carter.

I have a new album (or two!) almost ready to go also. It features a song cowritten and sung a few years back with the legendary Donovan. Also a series of songs written with my friend Elliott Murphy, and a batch concocted with Fred Koller (who wrote “Angel Eyes” for Jeff Healy) as well. Just waiting to finish the studio to put the final touches on everything.

Please stay in touch and come see us soon! And don’t forget, all 5 Dane Clark releases are available on iTunes

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