March 14, 2014

Heartfelt hello to all of our Dane Clark Band fanatics out there! This has been a long, cold busy winter for us! I finished work on the new John Mellencamp album in late January. I think longtime fans and casual listeners will really enjoy this one! Look for it to be released in early fall.

The Dane Clark Band has a new project titled “Wide Open Heart” we are gearing up to release early this summer. It was mixed by Grammy award winner Ben Fowler and mastered by Hank Williams at Mastermix in Nashville. We have had incredibly good response to this group of songs from everyone who has had a sneak preview! Special thanks goes to executive producer John Vickery for his loyalty and support.

We have taken a few months off to regroup, rehearse and prepare to bring “Wide Open Heart” to this wide open country! We are just now starting to book summer and fall shows so check the Upcoming Shows section of this page for updates.

We are especially excited for the Kokomo show, playing for real American heroes. Last year 30,000 people were there. They deserve respect and honor. They like some good Americana rock as well!

In the past 10 years we have shared the stage with the Gin Blossoms, Rick Derringer, Donovan. The Bob and Tom Band, Steppenwolf and countless other national, regional and local acts. Thanks for your support my friends!

Check the audio player on this page for two new songs from our soon to be released 5th album for your listening pleasure. See you soon!  Dane

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March 13, 2013

“Dream Stealin’ Town” Music Video Wins Telly Award

Hello to all The Dane Clark band fans out there. Our latest video, “Dream Stealin’ Town” has won a Telly award! We thank all of you for your support and loyalty to the band. We are booking shows for 2013 and will keep you updated as gigs are coming in.

We are taking some time off from playing live at the moment and concentrating on finishing a 5th Dane Clark CD. We have 20 songs in various stages of completion and we will keep you all posted on that as well.

I was interviewed for two hour long  segments on “In Search of a Song” with Jason Wilbur. Please check it out on this link. Much chatter about songwriting, session work, producing and working with Mr. Mellencamp. Hope you like it!!

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